Hello all Roxers out there!

Marie and I are taking some time off from Roxette at the moment after this huge world tour and two new albums in 19 months!!! Phew!

I’m in Christoffer’s farmhouse recording a new Gyllene Tider-LP (yep, that’s what we do!). It should be out in the open later this spring 2013. Marie is also busy working in the studio making magic moments to be revealed later this year!

However, we’re slowly but surely preparing a bright Roxette future with a live BluRay/DVD as well as tour documentary coming out before you know it!

We hope you want to stay in touch and communicate with us via our Facebook-page: Roxette Official.

I’ll try to post new and interesting stuff for your hungry hearts almost every day! See y’all soon.

Lots of love from Per (& Marie).


Merry Xmas!

Friends and neighbors.

2012 turned out to be a smashing year. Big big tour, new songs = new album, loads and loads of autographs signed, letters written, stamped and sent, guitar picks urgently needed by all of you, thousands of intelligent and uplifting comments on the web published, old pictures and vids popping up, new ones finding their place in the Rox history. Everything turned out so much bigger and brighter than expected.

Thanks for helping us out and making all this possible. Without you we would still be playing the local Pizza Hut (and we never made decent versions of ”Streets of London” and ”Hallelujah” anyway...).

So… lots of love + have a most wonderful xmas-season + a groovy new year. See y’all again next year. New dice! Cheers!

P + M + the rest of the Rox bunch


Roxette 2012 - FANtastic!

ROXETTE 2012 - FANtastic! from The Daily Roxette's Colin van der Bel on Vimeo.


Roxette interview on CBS News

When Per and Marie were in Los Angeles they did an interview for CBS News. This is one of the few interviews in English that were made during the tour and it's now broadcasted and you can watch it HERE. 





Roxette on CBS

When Per and Marie were in Los Angeles the other week they were interviewed by CBS News. This is one of the few, if not the only, interviews in English where Marie has discussed her illness and the courage it took for her to get back on stage.  The status of the interview is that it's still in the process of being edited and airdate to be set. More info to follow.

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